January 2020

No, this is not about the pandemic. I had the exciting opportunity to start working together with WebbTrim in Sweden on different projects - in addition to current projects. So no lazy, boring days here! :-)

Event booking system
Spring 2019

This year the in-house event booking system RegisterSeat, which we have been developing over many years, started gaining more traction internationally. We are excited to continue adding new features and expanding its use.

New large project
Summer 2016

Together with a couple other good partners we decided to start building an online layout platform for print products under the name Swiftlayout. We also focused on photo books under the brand name SeasonBooks.

Change of pace
November 2013

After many years of concentrating efforts on a single project additional opportunities have come up. One such project was the privilege of getting to build an access control system, first launched at the Formula 1 race in Malaysia in April 2014. It comprises both local server infrastructure as the backbone for scanning tickets and satellite devices for controlling the turnstiles.

Security breach discovered in national railroad system
June 2005
National News - DSB security hole

Web systems require professional developers that can foresee the implications of their work and any changes to it and hence ensure that the security is tight. Together with the Danish national television station DR, WinterNet Studio revealed a significant security hole in the DSB online booking system (the national railroad company). It made the top story of national news on June 29, 2005 where we proved how easy it was to obtain valid train tickets for all of Denmark and certain parts of Europe without paying a penny!