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What can we do?

Spinning Websites
WinterNet Studio develops solid solutions for businesses that have realized the administrative and financial advantages and possibilities in Internet. Over the last years we have seen too many IT solutions running off the track and not achieved the desired effeciency which was the whole foundation for the project. If we take on a project together with you we will guarantee a satisfying solution - without cutting corners. Some of the key words constantly present in our minds during programming sessions are planning, organization, and precision, resulting in a stable and easy-to-maintain solution.

Quality Needlework
One of our extremely high priorities is making robust, flexible solutions prepared for further development. Your company is very likely to have existing systems already running and it is essential to WinterNet Studio to integrate the web system to these as far as possible - otherwise more efficient daily routines are not achieved. We basically only work with components where we have full access to the source code, providing us the best opportunities for customizations. It is very often the small details that brings a website up to the desired quality for efficient workflows.

Technologies Employed
We use different technologies depending on the type of project. These include:

  • PHP scripting
  • Javascript (incl. CommonJS), jQuery, AJAX
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Apache, Node.JS
  • Setup and management of Linux servers, single and load balanced
  • Cloud and dedicated server providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS) incl. Elastic Beanstalk, Linode.com, Hetzner Online
  • JSON, XML (API/Web Services with REST, SOAP, WebDAV etc.), RSS
  • Yii Framework
  • CMS systems: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • OAuth, OpenID
  • WebSocket servers and clients, Socket.IO, Server-Sent Events
  • Payment solutions with credit cards and PayPal (Denmark, Norway, USA - Authorize.net, Stripe, Braintree)
  • Automated generation of PDF (incl. PDFlib), Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents
  • Integration experience: MailChimp, Salesforce, Twilio, Deutsche Post, EFI Fiery digital printing, Zimbra, Leaflet, Google Maps, Google Earth, and many other smaller systems
  • Accounting/ERP: Odoo/OpenERP (inkl. XML-RPC), QuickBooks
  • MediaWiki (used by Wikipedia.org)
  • Model-view-controller architectural patterns
  • Mobile apps, cross-platform with Appcelerator Titanium (Android, iPhone, etc)
  • Asterisk/FreePBX VoIP
  • Online license and activation systems
  • PHP compiling with SourceGuardian
  • Git and Subversion source code version control systems
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Virtualization with VirtualBox, Vagrant, ESXi, VMware
  • TV and video production, conversion, and streaming of audio/video, incl. Adobe Premiere, Windows Media Server, VLC
  • Adobe Photoshop og InDesign Scripting (JavaScript/ExtendScript)
  • Desktop applications using Adobe AIR (ActionScript) and Winbinder (PHP)

Mobile Solutions
With mobile solutions you gain access to your system from any location at any time you wish - not only when you are within the walls of your office or at a computer connected to the Internet. It gives you the possibility to constantly control and manage dataflow, functions and settings, as well as check system status and statistics.

A mobile solution could be a specialized access to your system optimized for your smartphone - using a simple interface with just the features you need on the road.

Tingling Graphics
The use of graphics on a website requires great consideration. A successful website needs to be looking attractive but extensive use of graphics can degrade it's performance, both visually and technically. Even though the system functions are most important on the bottom line it's important to create a balance making the website both appetizing and user-friendly - and at the same time satisfy the desired need for the website owners.

Not Only Webs
WinterNet Studio is not limited to only Internet related projects but a wide spectrum within server infrastructure and networking, data management, graphics design, interactivity, presentations, video and sound... Please contact us to talk about how we can help solve your multimedia needs - of course in the same high quality.