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Web-interface for your business software and activities - internally and externally
Most people, even many business people, are not aware of the possibilities available with a well done and efficient Internet website. Whereas most people think about the net as a place to make your presence known and offer different information to people it's a lot more attractive to think of it as a piece of software, just like your accounting software, Customer Relationship Management software, or any other software you run on your local network or stand-alone computers. A dynamic website has serious advantages espacially in relation to the external partners of your business - partners which today requires much care to maintain a good and cost-effective network.

National News - DSB security holeBut web systems also require professional developers that can foresee the implications of their work and any changes to it and hence ensure that the security is tight. Together with the Danish national television station DR, WinterNet Studio revealed a large security hole in the DSB online booking system (the national railroad company). It made the top story of national news on June 29, 2005 where we proved how easy it was to obtain valid train tickets for all of Denmark and certain parts of Europe without paying a penny!

WinterNet Studio develops anything from simple components and regular Content Management Systems to advanced and highly scalable integrated systems. If you have a project, a wish, or just a crazy idea - or even if you have no ideas! - you are more than welcome to contact us to see how your workflow can be automated and optimized. We guarantee fair and always competitive prices and are happy to give you all the advice we can – just call us and ask, that's free!

The Strength of Internet

  • Global Access
    You have access from any computer and device in the world that is connected to the Internet. You can also choose to have systems physically separated from Internet and only to be used internally within your business (called an Intranet).

  • Widely Used Standards
    The HTML standard is supported by loads of different software and you are therefore not limited to use exactly the browser or other device that the system has been developed for.

  • Developing And Upgrading is Simple
    As a website is located on a central server, it does not require any client software and is state-less, it is literally very easy to maintain and upgrade the system as new needs arise.
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